Our Story


Carefully Sourced

The Place

Located on the waterfront, in the newly renovated Muckle Building, the Bistro features carefully sourced, quality food simply and expertly prepared. Big River Bistro is proud to be part of the loving and thoughtful renovation of the building which reflects the warmth and hospitality it intends to bring to the community. Big River Bistro hopes our patrons will enjoy the the excellent food and lovely vistas the Columbia River has to offer.

The Name

The Sahaptin speaking tribes who inhabited the territory along the Columbia River called the river Nch’i-Wana, which meant "big river."
Traditionally, a bistro is a small, informal, French neighborhood restaurant with simple food, coffee and wine run out of the apartment of the owners to supplement income. It is very fitting that Big River Bistro now has the 12 lovely Waterside Lofts above them on the Columbia River waterfront.

The people

Owner Gainor Riker is a seasoned professional, starting at a young age as Mom’s kitchen assistant in a household of three generations under one roof and a revolving door of guests and entertainment. The kitchen was always open.
Her dad's love of food science and grandparents gardening and regularly making pasta gave Gainor a deep rooted love for food which carried her to working in the food service industry in high school. Her passion for food service grew as mentors generously shared their business and food knowledge through the years.

The Mission

Big River Bistro is honored to continue the tradition of preparing and serving excellent food, and preserving the art of hospitality.