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—  Breakfast —

Served until 11 a.m.


—  Two Eggs  —
Two eggs any style served with bacon or sausage patty, potatoes and toast

— Fruit and Yoghurt Parfait  —
Seasonal fruit layered with Nancy's yoghurt and lemon curd

—  Frittata  —
Seasonal veggies sauteed with 3 eggs, topped with cheese and broiled. Served with fruit garnish and bread

—  Pan Fried Oatmeal  —
Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats cooked with dried fruit and a hint of spice, Pan Fried with unsalted butter and maple syrup served on the side

—  Biscuits and Gravy  —
Fresh biscuits split and topped with lightly seasoned sausage gravy
$6.50 (Double portion $10.00)



—  lunch —

Available at 11 a.m.


—  Turkey Sandwich —
Classic roast turkey breast with lettuce and mayonnaise (cranberry sauce available)

—  The Lively Lunch  —
Steaming hot black beans and brown rice share a large bowl and topped with fresh salsa and sour cream

—  Ozzie Wrap  —
Whole wheat wrap layered with cream cheese, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumbers and house sprouts

— Hummus Plate—
Our own delicious hummus and expertly cut crudite served with crostini

—  Egg Salad Sandwich  —
A traditional favorite, we do it justice...plain and simple


—  Soup —

Served with bread and butter.


—  Perfect Onion Everyday  —
A mellow blend of slowly caramelized onions in rich broth with Gruyere cheese broiled to perfection
Cup   $4.50     Bowl   $6.50

—  Soup du Jour  —
Cup   $4.00     Bowl   $5.75


— Salads —

Served with bread and butter and your choice of Ranch, Blue Cheese, Creamy Caper Vinaigrette or Italian dressing


—  Tossed Greens  —
The freshest of available local products served with your choice of dressing on the side

—  Sprouts  —
Grown by us! Always fresh, crunchy and fabulous. Be sure to try a side of roasted seeds on top.


— sides —


Steamed rice   $2.00
Tamari almonds   $2.00
Tamari sunflower seeds   $2.00
Hard boiled egg   $1.50
Pickled vegetables   $2.50
Steamed or sauteed vegetables   $3.00


— Beverages —

Coffee (Royal Blue Organic), Tea (Harney and Son)   $1.50
Ice Tea, Soda, Sparkling Water, Cocoa, Milk, Juice   $2.00
Americano   $2.50
Cappuccino   $3.50
Latte   $4.00
Mocha   $4.50

***Beer, Wine, Champagne Available***